Nikki Nye

Welcome to the official website for Nikki Nye, author of The Fearchar Legacy books.

Good Reads

Lately I have found that my time for extra-curricular reading comes in spurts. Between writing, editing, working on my art, and my daughter, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. And that really makes the books I do get to finally sink my teeth into all the more special. One such that I am very much looking forward to is the upcoming Riyria installment by Michael J. Sullivan. Titles The Death Of Dulgoth, it, as all the others in this series, chronicles the adventures of Hadrian and Royce, two thieves who start out in our lives as anti-heroes but turn into something much more special. You'll see what I mean once you read it. And I have an extra soft spot for Mr. Sullivan, who has done a lot of work in the self-publishing field (as well as the published).

HERE is a link to his site, where you can learn a little more about the stormy duo.

And HERE is a place you can go if you are as geeked out as I am for the next book.