Nikki Nye

Welcome to the official website for Nikki Nye, author of The Fearchar Legacy books.

What's Been Happening

Some time has passed since the last post, though not because nothing is happening. On the contrary, so much is happening that I have become severely delinquent in giving an update. No news is good news, right?

Well first and foremost, the first draft of the Second Tale (book two of the Fearchar Legacy) is well on its way to completion. I do have a working title for it, but am not ready to release that juuust yet. Once the end is nigh on hand it will be divulged. All I can say at this point is that I am so excited with the way the story has unfolded in this installment. Some of the characters from book one have smaller roles in this, however there are some new additions who I think are just as easy to love (or hate). Part of it takes place on Demscathe, I was excited about as it opens up the oppurtunity to create a whole new world. Very fun stuff. But I don't want to get too much into it now - we'll save that for a later post ;)

And in addition to this I have also been working on a very cool project that incorporates both writing and art - my two passions. This, too, I will share more of as things progress. You can see some glimpses of it on my Instagram feed @biggik. I wouldn't be surprised if this and book two are released almost simultaneously. Things seem to be shaping up that way!

Hold tight because amazing, exciting things are on the horizon.

- N.N.