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LONG Overdue Update

What a last few months it has been!

For those who may not know, in June my husband and I welcomed a beautiful little baby girl - Eleonore Doris Nye - into the world! And we are just so in love with her! She changes and grows more and more with each passing day, leaving us holding our breath waiting to see what will come next. Needless to say, she has kept me quite busy! But, though my pen has not been much to paper since then, my brain has been running through book number two nonstop, and finally in these past few weeks I have begun to find some time to work on the second installment of the Fearchar Legacy. I am so excited for what is to come. Updates will continue to come on the books progress and perhaps I will add into those updates a few teasers and hints at some major surprises. Be on the lookout!

Thank you so much, each and everyone of you, for all of your well wishes and support! The love has been felt.