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As Requested, A New Back Cover Book Description!

As an author, a creative, I tend to want to do things my own way. I don't make changes every time someone tells me I should, because, as is often the case, one person can see a thing in one light whilst it is not at all the light in which the thing was originally created. So comments are always taken with a grain of salt of course. But one reoccurring critique that has been made to me over and over again about The Brightness is that the description on the back cover is just a bit too vague. I was going for vague, hoping to give nothing of the plot away at all and to lure the reader in by intrigue alone, but I think I went perhaps a bit too far with that notion. And so, I think now that those who look at the description when considering whether or not to read the book will have a little more to work with. The new changes should be visible and available within the next few days, but in the meantime, see below for the new and improved version.


Slowly, the world begins to darken. A wickedness that has preyed on the souls of the weak and the damned for thousands of years now threatens to penetrate and defile all of humankind completely and irrevocably.

Amidst such tremors of horror, a great tragedy befalls the Fearchar family. Three young orphans are forced to fend for themselves and Slone, the eldest, strives to raise his brothers in the image of their father. Ultimately, he leads them willinigly into the great war of good against evil, the Brightness against the Shadows.

Love, too, and the illusion of love manage to wend a path, for better or for worse, through too many hearts. A great romance burgeons in soils previously thought of as unfurtile. And the advent of such a thing all too easily obscures the otherwise clear paths to duty and family.

Love, unfounded jealousy, magic, power, and the rise of the end of all humanity ­­— thus begins The Fearchar Legacy.