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Four Star Review From Clarion

Five months in to the publishing of my book and I have just received my first review of major standing.  ForeWard Reviews by Clarion gave The Brightness Of Shadows four out of five stars, and I must say that I am quite thrilled!  Sure, it is a review and there are critiques, but none of those bothered me.  I was aware of every one of the less than perfect points the reviewer made mention of, and some of those choices were made purposefully by me with full knowledge that they would liked by some and maybe not by others.  I knew before I began that I wanted to write a fantasy novel ripe with subtle drama, as apposed to the overt drama that is commonly found in most epics.  So it does not surprise me to see her write, "a little more suspense and tension would elevate the excitement level." 

I also quite deliberately chose the cover for my book, which may reveal little in the way of story or genre but proves striking, I think, in its own way.  But that route is not for everyone and I hold nothing against her for not liking it! 

And her comment about needing more description on the back cover is something I agree with, have heard from many others, and am working on now to spruce up a bit.  I initially thought I wanted a description that was short and vague so as not to give a single piece of the story away, but now I see that it is just leaving some a little less intrigued than I had hoped due to lack of information. That will be rectified. 

If you have not read The Brightness Of Shadows and maybe are wondering if you should (maybe you don't really know what its about because I was trying too hard to be circumspect about it!), then check out the full review and maybe your thoughts will be swayed to give it a closer look!