Nikki Nye

Welcome to the official website for Nikki Nye, author of The Fearchar Legacy books.

Second Edition Forthcoming!

Entrenched as I am in the writing of book two (there are a few working titles and will disclose one once that decision has been made), I could not stop myself from working on and putting out a second edition of book one. Despite so many sets of eyes reading that manuscript so many times, too many unforgivable flaws turned up in the published version for me to ignore. And so, in the next week or so, the second edition will be released. Though it dons a new cover and new synopsis on the back, I feel that the changes inside are the greatest of all the improvements. If you have never read it, wait for version two. If you have read it already and ever have the urge to dive in a second time, I hope the updates will be most pleasing to you.

I will post all links in the week or so to come!