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Why Epics Are Epic

I love reading and always have.

What I love reading has shifted over time, though maybe not even as much as I think. I can remember vividly how often I used to devour my "choose-your-own-ending" stories, and my favorite one of all was about a knight in a castle and a dragon. So there you go.

But whether venturing out into other unexplored territories (I had a bit of a non-fiction streak going for a little while, actually), or delving into my tried-and-trues, I never lost the desire to want more. If a story was good I wanted more of it. I wanted to hear more words roll off of my favorite character's tongues, I wanted to learn more about new worlds and old magics. More, more, more!

So when a friend turned me on to Robert Jordan (forever ago!) I was hooked. Here was something that did not have to end with the last page! There was more of the story. And more and more and more! Oh happy day! Even now, I have the first books of so many different series sitting on my to-read shelf that finishing those alone is going to be an accomplishment. But I cannot help myself - every time I see a new one I pick it up. And, assuming it is good, it can be a long journey down each road.

Whenever I read something about how much someone does not like a tale that cannot be told between the two covers of one book, it just solidifies for me why I do. The two most common gripes include:

  • Impatience. If an author is currently in the middle of writing a series, with some volumes still to be released or even penned, some readers will not read the series to begin with because the story is unfinished. But what is so wrong with anticipating a thing? Personally, I love looking forward to something like that, even if it is months or even years off. And I find that gap in production between the last one and the forthcoming one easy to fill. As I said, my shelf is very, very full. And if it is a long, looong time in between, rereading the series to refresh the memory often proves as enjoyable as the initial read.  AS a side note, it is also common to dive into an epic series only to pull out prematurely. Disappointing installments, growing disinterest in the storyline or the characters - these are common. Shit happens and so does shitty writing. No need to persevere if you are not getting enjoyment out of what you are reading - that is the whole meaning for reading in the first place. I myself will raise my hand for committing premature evacuation.
  • Impatience. That was not a typo. This time I mean for the conciseness of a story. What cannot be told in one volume cannot be read by someone who wants it to be. That is a formula that will never work. Just as in real life, in books characters and worlds do not have to disappear into oblivion once one tale has been told. There is more, we want to read more, and a second story deserves its own title.

If epics are not your thing, no problem. You can loathe them as much as I love them. What world would this one be, or any other, for that matter, if everyone felt the same way always? Likely a place not worth knowing more than one story about.

Good Reads

Lately I have found that my time for extra-curricular reading comes in spurts. Between writing, editing, working on my art, and my daughter, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. And that really makes the books I do get to finally sink my teeth into all the more special. One such that I am very much looking forward to is the upcoming Riyria installment by Michael J. Sullivan. Titles The Death Of Dulgoth, it, as all the others in this series, chronicles the adventures of Hadrian and Royce, two thieves who start out in our lives as anti-heroes but turn into something much more special. You'll see what I mean once you read it. And I have an extra soft spot for Mr. Sullivan, who has done a lot of work in the self-publishing field (as well as the published).

HERE is a link to his site, where you can learn a little more about the stormy duo.

And HERE is a place you can go if you are as geeked out as I am for the next book.


What's Been Happening

Some time has passed since the last post, though not because nothing is happening. On the contrary, so much is happening that I have become severely delinquent in giving an update. No news is good news, right?

Well first and foremost, the first draft of the Second Tale (book two of the Fearchar Legacy) is well on its way to completion. I do have a working title for it, but am not ready to release that juuust yet. Once the end is nigh on hand it will be divulged. All I can say at this point is that I am so excited with the way the story has unfolded in this installment. Some of the characters from book one have smaller roles in this, however there are some new additions who I think are just as easy to love (or hate). Part of it takes place on Demscathe, I was excited about as it opens up the oppurtunity to create a whole new world. Very fun stuff. But I don't want to get too much into it now - we'll save that for a later post ;)

And in addition to this I have also been working on a very cool project that incorporates both writing and art - my two passions. This, too, I will share more of as things progress. You can see some glimpses of it on my Instagram feed @biggik. I wouldn't be surprised if this and book two are released almost simultaneously. Things seem to be shaping up that way!

Hold tight because amazing, exciting things are on the horizon.

- N.N.

Inspiration In Hindsight

So often in writing, as in any other creative medium, music can inspire. It flows through the veins, energizes the soul, elevates the senses, and stimulates the brain. It moves us to unknown places, opening up new horizons with every single beat. I am not immune to its transcendent effects, both in my art and in my writing. Not often, though, do I come across a song after something has been created and realize how perfectly it describes that finished work. Last year I happened to find one of those rare examples.

I am honestly surprised that it took me as long as it did to listen to Thrice, considering most of my favorite musicians are right in line with that kind of sound, i.e. Coheed and Cambria. One month after The First Tale was published, I listened to all four of the Alchemy Index volumes and was instantly struck. I will not go on and on describing each volume or the crazy amount of attention that went into crafting this rich set of songs. There are plenty of others out there who have already written about it. What I will say is that there is a song on Volume III, "A Song For Milly Michaelson", which nails a scene just right. Cue up the song after reading Chapters 17 and 18 and see for yourselves a what little bit of mind-reading feels like.

Thrice - "A Song For Milly Michaelson"